Fall Memories…

When my kids were little I use to drive my bicycle everywhere and sometimes I took them with me sitting behind directly on the grill… Oh, my … only the thought of it sends chills down my spine and through my whole body!… It was a time of no helmets and no bicycle paths… we didn’t overthink things as much back then, but some, we definitely should have!

The one who shared those rides with me the most was my little piggy, the youngest of them all, who at the time was going to a Preschool called  “Louis Pasteur”.

One day I arrived to pick him up and found him standing at the door with his little lunchbox waiting for me, very entertained in conversation with the watchman, the school’s security guard who stood there every day and at all times.

Riding with boys...
Riding with boys…

As I approached them he started telling me everything about their conversation and introduced me to his friend – Mommy, this is my friend Louis Pasteur! – he said very proudly and excitedly, I smiled and said hi, but tried to correct him about the confusion. He wouldn’t have it. The watchman WAS Louis Pasteur to him. He had seen him every single day, at all hours standing there, guarding the School,  so he “knew” that was “his” school, Louis Pasteur’s School!   I had to live it alone. Not worth destroying such cuteness!

The best moments for me turned out to be not so good for him...
best moments in life

Many years later, he told me that he was actually terrified with traffic and the way I rode, sitting there on my bike, in the middle of that traffic and noise, completely exposed… while I thought he was enjoying it …. suddenly one of my sweetest memories was now a horrible one of child endangerment and child abuse!  … I wish I could go back in time, hold him so tight against my heart and change many, oh, so many things, so he would never have to be scared again… at least not because of me…

and now she's coming to pick me up!
…and on top of everything, now she’s coming to pick me up again in that bloody bicycle!
If I could go back in time...
If I could turn back time…

Memories that fall out of nowhere, like leaves in Autumn, surprising and delighting us, just not in this case anymore… and I thought, that maybe if I wrote about it, I could possibly…. I don’t know what I thought…  but we don’t get do-overs in life, do we?…

He grew up to be a US Marine ...
… but he grew up to be an awesomely brave, smart and strong US Marine, in spite of me… or MAYBE, just maybe, even a little bit, because of me! I wish I could know…
It should be mandatory to go to school to be a parent, it amazes me there aren’t any laws about that yet…
Moms and boys…



11 thoughts on “Fall Memories…

  1. Que tiernos recuerdos! Me retrocede en el tiempo y vuelvo a ver a Jorge (mi esposo) paseando en bicicleta a nuestros hijos sin casco y sin ningún tipo de seguridad, sentados en la caña de la bici.
    Me encanta leer tus historias!💕

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  2. I used to ride in my parents car that had o hole in the floor. My brother and I used to squabble over who got to put their eye on the hole to watch the rocks fly by, lol! We all do things with parental innocence. I hear stories from my kids perspective all the time that do NOT jive with the Parent of the Year trophy the experience used to hold for me. So funny how that works 😬. By the grace of God, I say. Thanks for the story and fab photos as usual!

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  3. Hey Sandy! Isn’t that crazy how different things use to be? I love how most of us grew up, I really think it was better, but in this case… I don’t always rode my bike on the sidewalk but on the road as well, I was young, fearless and stupid I guess, it never occurred to me that he might be scared of the cars sitting there in the back holding only to my back! I can’t shake the feeling…
    How is Canada these days? it must be beautiful already with all the Fall colours ! I forgot what city or area you live in. Thanks for visiting! xx


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