From my window…. Desde mi Ventana. A Merry Christmas to all!

I posted this yesterday but the link seemed to be broken, Merry Christmas to you all !
Publiqué esto ayer pero el enlace parece estar roto así que trataré otra ves para desearles una Feliz Navidad con un corazón agradecido y enfocado en el lugar correcto, paz y amor para todos !


Positano, Italia From my window I saw summer go by…  from my window, I saw my thoughts go wild… I still wonder why I didn’t get to say goodbye

POSITANO, ITALIA Oh Summer beautiful … liquid dreams and all…

. Can’t take away the beauty of Autumn or Fall, Winter and cold having their own memories their own soul.

. Fire cracking, book diving, dreaming begins again…

. Contemplating that all is possible… didn’t I feel before the same? .

. I find over and over that life repeats itself, I’m always starting over or at least it feels this way…

. …Despite all the beginnings … the decades we left back, some things  will never change, the language of silence, the feeling of touch, those arms and  legs intertwined like an abstract piece of art…

. ..A tiny home is enough when your heart is in the right place…

. …waiting is a joy when you know who you are…

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