A mother of five who loves design, art, architecture, photography and traveling. I love creating beautiful spaces with what you already have and some new or repurposed pieces. I see things in a different light and always discover beauty and potential in the things around me. I believe a home has to reflect the people who live there and help them feel their best.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Is something going on with your blog? I lost you and when I tried to find you again it was really difficult! I think I’m following you again, I’ll try to pay better attention. I’m really not sure what happened. And if you check yourself out, there is a French blog coming up with your Gravatar…let me know if you don’t see me as a follower.

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    1. I have no idea about what could be going on…. I only changed the theme for something simpler, I hope, a few days ago … That makes me sad and I don’t know how to check.. I’ll take a look, thank you for letting me know, you are the only one that noticed !


  2. I just accepted the gravatar thing, hadn’t done it before, I tried to name my blog “ChateaudesReves” once but I thought it never work! I will check with support, …. you see? I told you, you are the best 😉


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